Premier League - Down to the Wire

The race for everything in this year's Premier League is down to the wire. A rampant end to the Premier League is already visible at this time. With only a single game remaining in this season, everything is on critical phase, from the likes of title winners to the relegation threatened teams.

Starting with the Premier League title for the season, we've got two Manchester teams going for it on the last day. Manchester City is the favorites till now separated from second placed United with a goal difference of 8. However, being equal on points, anything less than a win against QPR could prove costly for City in their effort to win the title after 44 years. Manchester will do everything to win the last game, but their one eye would be focused on City's game.

It has been a season of ups and downs for those below the two Manchester clubs. Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle and Chelsea all have been in and out of top four this season. But it's Arsenal and Tottenham currently securing 3rd and 4th place, with a game to play. Only a point could not be enough for any of the teams because it's a battle for the third place rather than top four.

With Chelsea playing Bayern in the final of the Champions League, a fourth place finish for any team will not guarantee the Champions League place for next season. A win for Arsenal will see them through for the next Champions League, but anything less than that would make their 7 years trophy drought even worse. Spurs season was best in years till February before they lost their place to Arsenal and eventually slipped to fifth just below Newcastle. They've gained the fourth spot, but it is not secured yet. However, they have every chance to play in the Champions League.

Newcastle's dramatic displays all the season has made them a fine contender for the Champions League place. But they faced a tough run of fixtures at the very end, and with Everton to play in the last game of the season they can only hope Arsenal or Tottenham to lose even if they win at Everton. Chelsea have a 50-50 chance to be in next year's Champions League. The final at Munich is all that decides their fate. They have a very little hope of making it in the league for the Champions League spot next season. So, they will be mostly focused on the Champions League, which will give them both glory and success.

While the top teams' battle with each other, the relegation threatened teams have their own grief. This year six teams are in danger of relegation which will be decided on the last day of the season. With Wolves already relegated and Blackburn nearly following them, it's all to the remaining 4 teams for the final spot. While QPR, currently two places above the relegation zone, faces Manchester City on the last day, Blackburn will face Chelsea. Wigan will play Wolves at home, but it will be Bolton who are in danger with an away game at Stoke.

How often have we seen these types of battle sorted out before in the Premier League on the very last day? More than 10 teams are gunning for something important in their own respects. It will be more than a battle on the judgment day. It's really hard to wait for 13th May, isn't it?

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