Importance of Sports

Sports, what are they to you? Well to many, sports are their life and a great way to keep in shape. Every child should participate in sports because children do not know how to socially interact, obesity rates continue to climb, and it requires great discipline. In the US alone millions are spent on apparel like kids soccer gear, but instead the money needs to be spent on having them participate in a sport like soccer. The children of the next generation may very likely be less healthy than their parents. To combat and prevent these conditions, children should be encouraged to play sports at a young age. Parents should start kids in sports at a young age because it is beneficial to be involved in sports to encourage the same characteristics as listed above. Parents sometimes make comments about how expensive it is to participate in sports, but I find many of them spending monies on kids sport gear, like kids soccer gear, which should be spent on being active instead.

Encouraging children to play sports at a young age will help children with basic everyday social interactions. When children play sports, they learn essential communication skills. Teamwork concepts learned within sports playing will naturally carry over into future careers. Mastering of sports teaches them how to be patient and tolerable of others, and it encourages them to pursue their dream like becoming a professional soccer player. Sports help kids be more confident in what they do from day-to-day, and it gives them the determination to continue to strive for success in all they do. Another benefit of sports participation includes helping them to align their priorities in an organized manner.

Exercise should be a major part of every child's life. Parents need to get their children involved in sports, so they will not become a statistic. Children that are not partaking in sports at a young age and are just sitting around are far more likely to become obese in their teens. When children learn to be involved in sports, they are likely to continue these habits throughout their lives, lowering their chances of getting type-two diabetes or becoming obese. Playing sports will help prevent this because the intake of sugars are then converted into energy that the body is able to use. However, it is important to know that unused energy will be turned into fat. From one's experience of playing sports and being active, they can learn the more active they are the less likely they are to become injured. There are many kids at a young age having back, knee, hip, shoulder, or ankle problems, due to not being active. Children need exercise, and by just participating in a sixty-minute activity a couple of times a week, they will receive the necessary benefits of exercise.

Some people may say that they do not prefer to engage or play sports. There are however many different types of sports, like soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, softball, baseball, gymnastics, hockey, and rugby. If some people do not feel confident influencing their goals as a team player, then there are other opportunities to play individual sports, such as, track and field, cross-country, swimming, tennis, golf, diving, skateboarding, and wrestling. People will never know whether they can excel at a sport unless they try, besides it will keep them physically fit whether they continue it for a life long career or not. Many parents put their children into different activities like: dance, gymnastics, and soccer. After dancing for a year, they may figure out it was not their sport. They may need something more fun and something to keep me more active. So if parents give them an opportunity to play in basketball, baseball, soccer, and/or figure skating for example then they may find their niche. One child may need exposure to multiple sports, before finding their niche. One kid made the right decision to pursue soccer. She loved soccer the moment she touched the ball, and it has become one of the biggest team sports ever. One of the greatest things about soccer is you need to not only be physically fit, but also need to be mentally fit as well in order to play the game successfully. Soccer is a game of strategies. People do not even realize what level of teamwork must occur in order to score a goal. Many people have suggested that it is just a phase, and a child would never be able to do it for a living, but there are many young kids who believe and know they will continue to pursue their dream of playing soccer professionally. There are soccer players like Mia Hamm and David Beckham who had dreams of playing professionally and they made it. Others will also be able to have kids soccer gear with their names across the back or on cleats just as these athletes do. Exposing children to sports is a proactive practice, so that children may be able to choose the sport that is right for them.

Children should be encouraged to play sports. Kids never know if they like something until they try it. They will learn life long skills, gain social interactions, work ethics, and learn to rank their priorities. Additionally, children will get the exercise needed at a young age, and hopefully, continue exercising throughout life. With this in mind, parents can help kids by encouraging them to participate in sports and able suitable role models for younger generations. All in all America needs to get our future youth involved in sports at a young age.

Cindy Miller

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  2. The first advantage of sports for people is that they help people be healthy, and be fit.

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