Formula One In Season Testing

The Formula One teams have had their first chance at in season testing since September 2008 to give them a chance to really get to grips with the new Pirelli tyres. These tyres have provided a massive point of interest so far this year - almost like another team to watch! There are four different slick compounds, and all four were taken to Mugello for testing. However, according to the rules, each team starts the season with an allocation of 100 sets per car for use in testing, so if the team had no tyres left out of any of those four compounds, they wouldn't be able to test them.

Pirelli have created four different tyre compounds for the races; supersoft, soft, medium and hard. The tyres are quite close in types, but the teams will be continually learning which tyre is the best to use in different conditions. The testing period in Mugello will allow the teams to add to their knowledgebase about the new tyres gained during the first part of the season, although obviously they will be continuing to learn more about them as time goes on.

As always, Formula one is a highly technological race, with as much competition taking place off the track between the engineers as on the track between the drivers. As such, the data accumulated is extremely important. The teams can then take that information away and analyse it to discover how best to use that data to improve their team's performance.

Pirelli's brief for this, their first season as sole tyre supplier, was to make things more exciting, and so far they have certainly achieved that. Each race has been won by a different team, and the competition has been tight each time. As such, all the teams will have been keen to make the most of the opportunity in Mugello and learn as much as they could to gain advantage over their rivals as the European leg of the season began.

The first European race in Barcelona, Spain, was definitely full of excitement, although this time the car tyres may not have had much to do with it. From Lewis Hamilton losing his pole position in the qualifiers and being dropped down to 24th (last!) due to running out of fuel, to Schumacher and Senna crashing and being forced to retire, it was certainly a race that kept you on the edge of your seat!

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