Celebrating Graduation With A Fantastic Road Trip

Finally the day has come, graduation is here! This is the last time most of us get to enjoy a bit of freedom before joining the workforce. To make the most of graduation we want you to make it memorable and what can be more memorable than renting a motorhome and taking a road trip with your best mates before life sends you all in different directions.

Just imagine you and your mates hitting the road for a few weeks off to explore the amazing coasts in your own backyard. It's more realistic than it sounds. Splitting a motorhome with mates, can be an affordable and unforgettable way to celebrate old times and new beginnings. Camper vans are available with up to six berths, (beds) which mean you and five other mates can split the cost and the gas evenly six ways.

It's quite a bargain when you consider it that way. Rental companies that have online websites may have specials for certain times or vehicles so it's important to keep that in mind beforehand. There may also be deals for early-bird booking, book your trip in advance, which will help you get the best price plausible and secure a vehicle. If you think you've found a better price, we have a price match guarantee so we'll do our duty to match the price of any competitors. Reserve your motorhome as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as certain seasons get busy.

The amenities in the larger motorhomes include a fully functional kitchen, dining area, indoor shower and flush toilet, and even a television. The outside of the motorhomes often has a canopy that you can set up to enjoy the fresh air and avoid the sun on a hot day. The motorhomes also include air conditioner so no need to fret it the summer months. The motorhome is fully stocked with everything you may need as far as kitchen ware and bed linens. Even the maps and campground guides come with the motorhome rental, so all you really need is your mates.

Reserving your motorhome can be as easy as reserving online or over the phone your minimum five day trip. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, or other bank cards. The driver of the motorhome must be a minimum of twenty-one years of age and have a valid driver's license. For those of you that hold a foreign license of another language fear not, your license in combination with an international license from the same country or a qualified translation of your license.

After graduation, people start to get busy with and tied-down in jobs, so going all out and celebrating your graduation with all your mates is important. Taking to the road with your mates will surely be a once in a life time experience that you will never forget, and it's something that you will be talking about at future school reunions. Rent a motorhome and have one last hurrah before you are ready to take on the world!

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