Who Says Dalglish To Get Sacked?

Kenny Dalglish is a Scottish former footballer and Liverpool legend player. He was second striker for Liverpool and scored 118 goals in total 335 matches he played for Liverpool. Till since he has been showing his full effort for Liverpool as after getting retired in games, he is now managing the team. Kenny is present manager of Liverpool Football club appointed on 2011.

There have been lots of rumors and backbiting on Liverpool FC manager due to team's poor performance in the English Premier league. Some LFC supporters are asking for Dalglish's resign while some Fans shows pure faith on the Scottish legendary man. Dalglish has already managed the team back in 1985 for 6 years time where he assigned as the player-manager of the team.

Current 2011-2012 season has not been great for Liverpool. They suffered many defeats in the Premier league and stand in the eight position of the league table. They were just able to win 13 out of their 36 games played till now. Their loss and draws mostly included the home game. The team was not able to meet the satisfaction of their followers in the home which made them think about Dalglish.

Talking the positive points, Liverpool has already bagged the silverware in the Carling cup where they defeated Cardiff city at the Finals in Wembley on penalties. THeir performance on FA cup has been outstanding as they were able to kick out teams like Manchester United, Everton and Stoke in FA cup this season. Dalglish got a plus point due to his performance in Carling cup and the FA cup while his premier league results makes his future in doubt.

Getting into controversies, he has also been blamed by his Fans that he is not capable of making good substitute at better position. Also Fans claimed that he does not let the young players play but the end of the season proves this wrong as he has given good chances to the young Liverpool future like Raheem Sterling. Also the performance at end of the season on Premier League has improved comparability as the team has now experienced more wins.

Additionally Liverpool Executive Voice on Dalglish assures that Dalglish has future on Liverpool as the manager as the Executive Tom Werner shows trust on the Scottishman. He said that Dalglish will be provided with every possible help that can be given from the club. He also announced that Dalglish will be helped on every possible steps to bring some star players home in this summer transfer window.

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